This Trilobite Fossil changed everything.

5th Day, Genesis 1, swarming creature

Scientifically, no parental lineage; Genesis 1:20

And God Said

65 million Year ago Mass Extinction, Fossil Evidence Survived. Today we live on the result of the immense break up of Pangea; through earthquakes, etc., forming present day continents;  the Bible tells us continent structure ended at the time of Biblical Peleg, son of Eber, Genesis 10:25. Discovery of the original Hebrew Bible, the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, Commentary and Reference Works, in 1947 led to proper translation of first century Aramaic-Hebrew returning the scroll text to original Content and Context, as written.
After The Flood, Diluvian Earth | Neanderthal Ended, new findings suggest that Neanderthals disappeared from Europe between about 41,000 and 39,000 years ago. The current 70 Nation Homo Sapiens of Earth birthed from Noah’s sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, Genesis 10, Table of the Nations. Next, the 70 Nations standing on Pangea, one language, one ambition led to the Tower of Babel multi-language punishment and dispersal; the confusion punishment did not, included Hebrew; Abraham’s God Created Language was created explicitly for the Hebrew Bible.  Japheth tribe journeyed to the North=Europe Continent; Ham to the South=African Continent and Shem to the East=Middle East. Chronologic Bible lineage history genealogy starts with Seth the 3rd son of Adam and Eve Genesis 4:25. There was NO time inside the Garden; thinly record is after Ables death where Cain and God speak about “others outside the Garden that will kill Cain, the others were the Kind-No Breathe Creation of Neanderthal, etc. who had the ability to identify the “MARK” placed on Cain Genesis 4:15-16. Cain lineage died 7 generations later at time of the first Prophet Enoch, son of Jared, 7 generations from Adam. Genesis 5.:18 Noah 10 generations from Adam; Abram|Abraham 14 generations from Adam.  Content With A Purpose. | EDUCATE Yourself