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The Science of the Hebrew BIBLE



HEBREWHERITAGE.MOBI presents a BIBLE MEDIA PORTAL… The first Hebrew Bible  compendium of biblical text, which includes the linear Biblical History, Bible Science, Earth Science, and The Dead Sea Scrolls, required to comprehend the Bible, we provide this as a service of the Hebrewheritage Bible Media Curriculum, sponsored by the Hebrew Heritage  Research Institute, Center for History and Bible Media. (c)TM

   Egyptian, Libyan, Syrian Spring! Why now? Who Next? What Next

And the there is Trump; we are sorry world

We, at, thought we should present this in a manner that would be relevant to the 6 o’clock News or tommorrows edition of your major Newspaper.

Viewing biblical text in progress unfolding history, as it was written. What makes the words of Esdras, John, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, important to your tommorrow morning

What in the world do all the numbers 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300 recorded in scripture really mean and why should anyone care about the 1947 discovery of The Dead Sea Scrolls?

Well, we are glad you asked, here’s the scoop!

The Garden Prophecy started a time clock, you remember the incontestable Adam and Eve story, well, this clock counts neither down nor up, but linearly through terrestrial time-days, months years; cycles, the course of which is definite, complex, far reaching time, based on prophetic events, via PROPHETIC CYCLES, is counted scientifically. See M. de Cheseaux. The science threads through both human Homo-Sapien events, as well as, “In the Beginning”, events stated in Genesis 1. In other words, the Bible describes the natural and revealed plan for the Heavens and Earth on Soli-Lunar accuracy, with evidence scattered all over the planet. Our job is to look at the evidence, elements and artifacts to discover and apply the truth of the prophetic words.

While we are at this we might as well explain what the Hebrew Book, our Bible, actual is; meaning who wrote it, what books were originally included in the text of the completed work and what books were in use at the time of the 1st Century. A hint: this is where the Dead Sea Scrolls come into play. The 1947 discovery of the DSS forever solved the question as to what was in use at the time of Josephus, Theophilus, the Essenses, the Pharisi’s, Zadok Priest, John the Baptist, the Nazarene and the Disciples, the 70, Esdras. Check here for the complete list of books canonized by the Hebrew-Jews; no one at the time, including up to 70ad had a problem with the books which have now been discovered at Qumram Cave, Israel known collectively as the Dead Sea Scrolls; the canonized work of the Hebrew prophets and people; it is only a Hebrew that can canonize the text of the Hebrew Bible.

At, data is compiled, researched and connected to current events in past, present and future world history; ie. “1948”, a nation in a day. Israel becomes a state May 14, 1948 fulfilling Isaiah 66:8. As the DNA of “timed events” unfolds a complete coherent, logical, asthetically consistent storyline unravels previously silent Biblical text.

To bring  you up to speed and only for this introduction we will use the Ottoman Empire as  a time marker of fulfilled scripture, which occurred in the current 1260 prophetic days period, or moed, of scripture; biblical text gives 2520 years of punishment; not and never, annilahilation to Israel.

This second of two, 1260 days is currently in the process of ending, commencing the final restoration, noted in Daniel 7, a reuniting of both divided tribes, Judah and the Israelites are included in the restoration along with all grafted-in, by accenting inclusion, the Gentile nations through biblical text based on Abraham, are the mystery of the ages, allowed inclusion through the father of many nations. The Two Tribes plus the Ten Tribes will be restored, reunited and will constitute a single stick, according to Ezekiel 37:11-28, this is occurring presently. 

We can follow along where by prophetic scripture, a progressive event Sign, is viewed as the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the empire event completed in 1922, the result of WWI, many presumed the war to be an Arms Race, when in fact by the secret alliance of the Ottoman Empire, known biblically as the three frogs, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy,  failed to win the war, the war lost, set-off the Ottoman Empire fall as predicted, known prophetically as  the time of the pouring out of the Sixth Prophetic Vial of Revelation 16. This absolutely; progressing through WWII which returned the Jewish to the land of Israel, as prophesied by John, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, cleared the way for the current Spring nations to be set-up as administrative kingdoms, including Egypt – Libya – Syria – Jordon – Iran – Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as can be seen by their modern founding dates; the monarchies or oligarchies have administered their politics, religion and government as clay and iron entities which are now crumbling into democratic societies which will finally end in Theocracy, to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, according to the original prophetic plan.

Ok, we are getting a little to technical here, suffice it to say, WWII led to the physical restoration of Judah to their homeland, their inheritance from King David at 1000 b.c, the land of Israel, but without their brethren and Lord of Isaiah 12.  READMORE

This has to do with your tommorrow morning because we have seen, 2 of the seven monarchy/oligarchy fall, while the third in severe blood shed and high body count, Syria is tottering on the brink of Democracy, this leaves 5 left to fall, with or without blood-shed, to first Democracy, then Theocracy.

The thing that should be obvious to the grafted branches is the fact that Turkey contains not only the Seven Churches of Revelation but also Ten Tribe representatives who participated in the Day of Pentecost event; the Bible states they are there to this very day. READ MORE

First your tommorrow can only be blessed if as John, states you know the testimony of the Prophecy, Revelation 19:10b.

Second, the whole Prophecy has been required reading, well, since Genesis 3:15, therefore includes the Mosaic Law, The Prophets and the Psalms, who one has said you know not. 

So this is it in a nut shell, well, word shell; the thing is each individual according to John and Daniel, did you see that, old and new references, must be able to follow the entire prophecy, as a storyline not sound bite from Genesis forward to the viewing and confessing of the Lord, spoken of in Isaiah 12.


Biblio-Scientific analysis of biblical text; through each of the known sciences; archaeology,  anthropology,  zoology,  botany,  architecture,  ecology, geography, geology, paleoantology,  history,  science,  topography,  ecology,  prophecy,  eschatology, apocalyptic, apocrypha, pseudigraph, etc.

Bible text was created in a scientific timeline…In The Beginning; it should be presented, studied and understood the same.

 We look at, In The Beginning from the perspective it was written, scientific. For whatever else we may understand concerning the Bible, it is a science project. earth, Water, Darkness, light, day, night, evening, morning, 1st day, grass, herb, seed, the prigress of time as we know it begins at verse 14 Genesis 1, …and let there be for signs, and seasons, and for days and years:  of course including our present 2012 year, the 21st century, spoken of in the book of Daniel chapter 10: verse 13. This verse means, today Gabriel is still dealing with the administrative prince of Persia, Iran, see Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, column 4:P.

We follow Adam through his, Homo-Sapien upbringing, his geneology, as well as, the listed generations of his extended family; BIBLE SCIENCE.

We follow history through; EARTH SCIENCE.


Read more…




EarthScience Geology – Genesis 1 To 70ad – In The Beginning earth continents – Identify the Ages of both Earth and Mankind –  Comprehend the Bible, Creation, the Creator and His Prophecy

In The Beginning… is known as eternal time. It is the First Prophetic Period, of Homo Sapien life. Currently dated from, 4.5 billion years ago, this time can be calculated by tapping on the earth, the ground, find a rock-tap it, its carbon date can be found. The thing is, you cannot carbon date it without, Science. Surprise! Science was correct after all, but indeed, so is Biblical text. Oddly, both are inspired, both created, both eternal, they are just looking at the same Earth-Universe painting from different perspectives, and oddly enough, the Biblie cannot be understood without the Sciences,Bible Etymology, Prophectic Evidence viewed by fulfilled Events, over the course of human time.

Read more…

Bible Science!



Human Existance – Homo Spaien – Geneaology – 70 Origin Nations

ARCHAEOLOGICAL ARTIFACTS OF ADAM, give time and place, not storyline, which can only be acquired by, hands on, down and dirty, bible study,  time spent researching, drilling down, expanding the facts, collecting evidence, investigating everything. No other hominoid that has ever walked planet earth was created like Adam, the founding father of the Homo Sapiens, Homo Sapiens by definition have never gone extinct as all other beast type hominoids, did. All other human like hominoids have gone extinct, no monkey in the last 2000-6000 years has evolved itself into a homo sapien human, nor ever will.

Bible & Science 101 What we know!

…a systematic investigation of biblical text

Ice Man300px-oetzitheiceman02, found in 1991, dated at 5300 b.c, represents a difficulty to many biblical scholars, the evidence shows the existance of a human older then Adam’s geneaology, mummified remains, defines Otzi as the oldest mummified human found, discovered frozen in the Otztal Alpine region of Schnalstal glacier, in the Bolzano region of Italy. How can Otzi Man be older then Adam…  Read More Read about Otzi… Wikipedia, NOVA, The Independent

Through the sciences of astronomy, geology, paleontology, and archaeology, cosmology, dendrochronology, science captures what biblical text cannot …today agreeing that the Universe has a Beginning, through a new science called Cosmology, which attempts to understand what happened at the origin of the universe, how it works and what will happen the future. The work of Edward Hubble has caused science to re-engage its concenus on the big Bang theory, found to be in error by modern scientific technology, this ironicly is based on the second law of thermodynamics…  Read More Y-Origins by Larry Chapman                                                                                                                                        

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Read more…

The Great Isaiah Scroll


An everyday kind of guy, viewing the Isaiah scroll, he got in his car went to airport, purchased  ticket for Israel, got on a flight, arrived at Tel Aviv… Welcome to Israel, he took the shuttle to Jerusalem, caught taxi to the Shrine of the Book, a wing of th Israel Museum …here he is standing in front of the first century b.c. manuscript of the Prophet Isaiah, the text in use at the time of the Second Temple. The Dead Sea Scrolls collection had been hidden, just prior to 70ad.  Read More

The Great Isaiah Scroll

The Isaiah scroll is the largest and best preserved scroll, and the only biblical book that survived in its entirety. The 54 columns contain all 66 chapters, without a marked division between what modern scholarship regards as First and Second Isaiah. The scroll is one of the oldest Dead Sea Scrolls – it dates from about 100 B.C. and is older by about 1000 years than the oldest biblical manuscript known prior to the Qumran Discovery.

Qumran Cave I  C. 100 BCE  Parchment  L 7.34m (24 ft)

Dake Annotated Reference Bible

img 20111011 150956 The Dake’s Bible annotates every prophecy, every name, every location in biblical text. We Highly Recommend the Dake’s Bible! Learn, understand, receive clear knowledge of Bible text… the Dake’s Bible is the best educational Bible tool, available for 2012.


afghan tashkurghan gates THE LAND, THE NATIONS, THE PEOPLE






GENEVA — Scientists believe the “God particle”.


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Psalm 119:169 O.T.

John 17:17 N.T.

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 Biblical Geologic Time

 Homo Sapien

 Geologic Time Scale

 Ancient Levant Routes

Vellums, Parchments, Scrolls

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ANCIENT Scripture, Why search for the past, the Bible, it seems for some it is for the sole purpose of helping people toward, salvation. However, the biblical text reads, in its newer portions, you never knew me… Why would this resignate through history? How could it not be a great thing to, enlighten one with salvation, from mortality. For such a complex book this has a simple answer, how is it we no not the work of the Father, as creator. Job, spent a bit of time confronted by God himself, on this subject.  Read More

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Should you care about any of this, well for three reasons, first the Creator requested it, second, it answers the question, “what is the Bible all about”, it signifies that in order to completely understand its contents, it must be seen as it was record, as one prophecy, delivered in the Garden, with the expectation that time would fulfill the details given by each Prophet of each prophecy, beginning with the first prophet, Enoch. Third,  Read More

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