The NEWTON Project – CANADA …Apocalyptic-Time-Chart

Only a Hebrew can canonize the Hebrew Bible, the Hebrew Essene Community of Qumran Israel did so in their curation of the Dead Sea Scrolls; as well as, Ezra and Josiah found the Book; Joshua re-wrote Moses Text. New Testament Covenant is instituted by Jeremiah chapters 30-31; the events are played out in the 1st century in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The informative, correctional Epistles or Letters follow, they are meant to keep the churches on the same page so as not to be deceived by additions or subtractions; the Epistles are not Prophecy, they are admonition and correction for errors, additions and subtractions; such as adding Rapture, for which there is no Hebrew word, no Prophet, including Paul or Peter spoke about a Rapture prophecy. Period! The content and context is Resurrection the sited verses. There is however Apostacy which takes the form of moving away from the original Truth, the original content and context… that given to the Patriarchs, to Moses, to the Prophets, the Psalms, to Daniel, referenced in Matthew 24:15 concerning the Latter Days; and John regarding, the events that take place, understanding John’s testimony; that is the word and testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 1:1-3 & Revelation 19:10b as fellow servants hold to the Testimony of Jesus; the Spirit of Prophecy… The Apocalypse, Revelation… canonized by John, the last living Apostle at Patmos; researched, outlined and charted by Sir Isaac Newton in the 18th century, reflecting no Rapture in Newton’s Charted Timeline, of Hebrew Scripture; No Rapture!. Dr. Christian D. Ginsburg, 1894 edition of the Hebrew Bible is the only version which contains the whole of Massorah, with complete history of the Hebrew written and printed text; No Rapture!. At Passover, every year since the Exodus, the Lions Den portion of the Prophecy Book of Daniel is read, HAGADAH the Narrative of Israel’s Redemption from Egypt, with English Translation, J.D. Eisenstein 1928 pgs. 54-55; however, since looking at the Book as only a Writing, its prophetic content has been missed; never traced or researched or understood as relating to the future restoration of Israel and Mankind. A tragedy to Bible Literature, especially since 1948 the Messianic prophecies began again to fulfill with the return of the People of Israel, to the Land of Israel, May 14, 1948… Israel re-established in the Holy Land, and the Law of the Eternal radiates from Zion.

Knowledge Matters! BIBLE HISTORIOGRAPHY! EXPLICIT direction where to look. Matthew 24:15. Look to Daniel for the answers to Matthew 24:3 What is Sign of Return, EXPLICIT Instructions what to look for See how Daniel realized he was looking at a Linear Storyline Timeline Chronology Redemption Period which would start after the Hebrews had been in Captivity for 70 years; and end at the Conquering of the nations by the Anointed Messiah. Daniel states in 9:1, I Understood By the Books!
Research Study is to take every opportunity to do it, study; right the first time. This means collecting the best bibles for content, context and comprehension; with direct column explanations, we recommend; The Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible; The Rotherham Bible: The Emphasised New Testament, with an unbelievable volume of Old Testament Cross References-meaning quotes taken from the old used in the new, Books, Reference Works, Commentaries, Concordance, Bible Dictionary and archaeological research from actual eyewitness accounts (Behistun Stone), including Museum artifacts such as the Cyrus Cylinder; the Titus Arch evidence of an event, biblical geographic location atlases; and various Prophetic Apocalyptic Timeline Charts; including those researched and drawn by Sir Isaac Newton, during his Theologic Studies, Newton the Minister.
The NEWTON Project – CANADA …Apocalyptic-Time-Chart