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HEBREWHERITAGE/MASTERCLASS The Learning Experience you want… Subscribers, Students, Researchers, Educators, Writers seeking access to up to the moment data… Learning Institutes, Centers, Museums containing curated artifacts, digital archives, cultural projects… Ancient Bible & Commentary – The DEAD SEA SCROLLS, Surveys, Sermons, Journals, Travels; written by Ancient Prophets; plus 16 thru 19th century notable Scholars, including Sir Isaac Newton. Peoples, Nations… closely scrutinizing Bible Text; each finding disconnected parts of the Ancient Heritage Documents; Artifacts; Sciences which support The spoken explosion of the Words of the Creator; known today as the confirmed Higgs-Boson Theory, “God Particle”, only made possible by CERN Atomic Science. Once looked at as a whole in a Linear Manner the living Bible becomes easy to understand because, it was written for mankind to understand, curate the meaning and outcomes of its prophecies; to use as a moral guide, blocked into achieving Righteous and Holiness; without which no man can see God.

The Hebrew Bible Book is in Truth, Chronological through the course of human History and Prophetic Declarations, beginning at Genesis 3:15. Time, Times and 1/2 | Time: meaning Time since “In The Beginning”: Times: meaning Chronology – Aions, Ages, etc. And 1/2: which means 1260; linked to the 1290 and the 1335 of the Book written by the Prophet Daniel. We show you where to find the answers: after the Q&A found In Matthew 24:1-3 and the answer found in Matthew 3:15; we are not left in darkness or lack of knowledge; we are encourage to seek out trace and track the prophecies not only to see if they are each true, if they have indeed fulfilled as prescribed by the text; but also to make known the words of Bible text to the Nations.

If It Is Written, We Should Know It!

MASTERCLASS provides data from multiple curated sources, you do the research. The research tells the STORYLINE, actually, What The Bible Is All About! 


STORYLINE… the entire linear look at all Bible Text!

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