The sons of Noah are Shem , Ham and Japheth who produced-birthed the 70 Nations of current earth, found in the Table of the Nations; Genesis 10. Earth had one language, which was Anti-Diluvian, before the Flood, one speech for all Human Homo Sapien People on Earth. We know this because of Enoch the First Prophet on Anti-Diluvian Earth. Enoch, 7th from Adam, son of Jared, in his auto-biography, records being taken to Heaven, multiple times, provided with messages to relay to his sons, the sons were designated to spread the messages throughout Anti-Diluvian Earth. The biblical geographic history of Babel, the Tower of Babel punishment Genesis 11, distributed languages, nations disseminated and dispersed to different quarters of the globe. Next, Diluvian Earth, or current earth.The descendants of Noah are: Shemdispersed to East... Genesis 10:21-31, Japheth dispersed to the North; the descendants are... Genesis 2-5, Ham to the South; the descendants are... Genesis 10:6-20 Creation to Abraham | Shem to Abram|Abraham: genealogical tables. God's Covenant with Noah...Genesis 9 The interval between the Flood and the beginning of the Semitic Hebrew race... to preserve the knowledge of the True God, and prove a blessing to all mankind. The Call of Abram, Genesis 12 | God's Covenant with Abram, Genesis 15 | God's Covenant of Circumcision with Abraham, Genesis 17. The Hebrew language began with Abraham, the whole land of Canaan given as everlasting possession to Abraham and his descendants, the descendants through Sarai; the everlasting Covenant with Isaac.