First judicial punishment for disobedience, then re-establishment rescue of the Nation of Israel. A rescue from progressive World-Sins: Wickedness, Evil, Idolatry, Disobedience. The first World-Rescue team is birthed out of the Jewish nation, followed by Gentile nation rescues, like the Isaiah prophecy of King Cyrus Persia, who believed Daniel’s words and also the Babylonian Nineveh who believed Jonah’s Hebrew Bible words. Further, the rescue from the Ottoman Caliphate Empire WWI; rescue from the Holocaust, WWII, all Gentile nations. It is the Hebrews who carried the Bible Message-Words from ancient times to mankind of the 21st century; it is, the Hebrew Essene Community who Curated, Sealed and hid the Scroll Text, in clay jars, for future generations, the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery 1947. Scrolls made of animal skin, papyrus and copper now known as the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, COMMENTARY AND REFERENCE WORKS.

DSS Scroll Jars, 1st Century

Moses dating from 1250BC?, the Prophets BC 800, 600, respectively and the Psalms 1000BC; provide details, instructions, encouragement and admonition toward mankind who reads and applies the Book; without change; and with honor due to the Genesis 3:15 Seed of the Woman-Jesus of Nazareth, announced and anointed by John the Baptist in the first century; accordingly by lineage, bloodline and righteousness of both. At Crucifixion-Resurrection the blood, the Lamb Price was-shed and price paid for Atonement Redemption; the free gift of Salvation extended to all mankind within the 1st century: taking only 10 seconds to say yes, Isaiah 43, before God and man. Yes, the story and STORYLINE is true, the STORYLINE is accurate, Yes, to believing in the only OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT way to Eternity, eternal life, through the Son; the SEED of the Woman. Mankind and the restoration of Kingdom Authority and Dominion is accomplished; “IT IS FINISHED; with or without you, that lost by the first couple, is regained, the goal is met, Genesis 3:15 is prophecy fulfilled. How horrible to neglect so great a salvation… King David’s lineage is the original target audience at first; latter the gift is extended to all on earth… who like Abram|Abraham said Yes, even if it costs me Isaac… as the Many Nations of Abrahams prophecy fulfills the target mankind from Genesis 3:15; like Mary said Be It Unto Me, birthing the Savior of the World. The initial restoration plan starts in the book of Genesis with the Seed of the Woman and Seed of the Serpent at enmity with each other; one will be bruised the other crushed. The Fall initiates a rescue and recovery process extending to the final closing of the Age of the Gentiles, the End of Days, the Latter Times; when the Times of the Gentiles is Full. The Current Period we live in IS Great Tribulation which the Bible states occurs when Israel the People are living on their own Land which began in 1948 rescued from the scattering of 70AD. Tribulation known by its continuing designation from the time of John, Revelation 1:1-3, as well as, in II Thessalonians 2, concerning the coming of the Lord and our being gathered together, NOT in Rapture but in Harvest. There can ONLY be TWO COMINGS OF THE CHRIST … the ERROR of Rapture would make a 3rd Coming Note: WITHOUT THE SOUND OF THE TRUMP OR THE ARCH ANGELS VOICE… Matthew 24:15 BTW, IS CHRIST JESUS SOEAKING; VERSE 15 tells – commands us to look at Daniel for the answers to the Return OF CHRIST, the Sign and the End of the Age … because John states the TIME is short; then proceeds to supply the events which must take place in a short amount of time.. What Next? Upon 2nd Coming, Armageddon, Judgment Day, Endless Eternity, which Isaiah describes as on earth; every knee bows and every tongue confesses, the Caliphates of earth have ALL been destroyed; people will go up to Jerusalem to worship and God and His Son, shall reside on Earth… it is not the end of the World; never the end of the world; review the translation error END OF Aion Age not World. “It Is Finished”, the end of the Gentile Age of Kings, Kingdoms, Empires, Metal Monarchs, the Little horn, the Lawless Global Locust and the man of Lawlessness who revived the Ottoman Empire Caliphate, the False Prophet and the Satan.