Emnity comes to a close

As Emnity comes to a close; Micah reveals restoration 4:9-10, the prophecy assigned shepard King Cyrus ; 5:1-2 the prophecy designated ruler born in Bethlehem; the Son of God, the Virgin Seed. The 2nd advent Ezekiel 38:39; Zechariah 14,Revelation 19:11-21;Micah 5:3 and the Latter Days events Micah 7:7-20 … outlining Serpents Seed war-battle with Anti-Christ system to bring from Mosaic Judgment to repentance, to full the covenants, Repentant Jerusalem! thru righteousness to bring Israel and mankind back to conformity to His word, will and plan; to completely fulfill blessings pronounced in the book of Genesis.