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Biblical text has been universally acknowledged throughout history, in every language, to all people of every nation as the most important book ever written; as the unequaled foundation for every intelligent human creation that has lived on earth. The ultimate factor in understanding the BIBLICAL TEXT is to know that it was written to all of MANKIND. An ACCURATE chronicle of events, people, nations; wars, famine, earthquakes;  punishment,  favor;  blessing and cursing;  rewards and rest. A culmination of the one thing the human existence has searched for since time began… PEACE the gateway to REST for all of MANKIND. The END OF THE AGE is the advanced notice of the termination of the UNPEACEFUL history of man, the end of the current (aion) age, not world; with final relocation to the endless ETERNAL age. God came to earth to rescue man; His next events will be Ezekiel 37, Jeremiah 30, Zechariah 14, Malachi 4, Isaiah 2, Revelation 19, Matthew 24

“It shall come to pass in the last days, that many nations shall say: Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways and we will walk in his paths; for the law shall go forth out of Zion, and the word of the Lord out of Jerusalem”.  Micah.4 thru 7, Isaiah 2-all, Zechariah 8-all Zechariah 14-all      

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follow The Ancient Paths


The Wall Chart of World History Edward Hull Dorsett Press


Historical Atlas of IslamG.S.P.Freeman-Grenville,Stuart Christopher Munro-Hay Continuum Publishing Group


Historical Atlas of Jerusalem Meir Ben-Dov The Continuum Publishing Group


Historical Atlas of the Jewish People Aharoni, Avi-Yonah, Safrai etc. Continuum Publishing Group



Historical Atlas of Christianity Franklin H. Littell


The Sultans

Noel Barber

Simon and Schuster


The Holy Land I Love

Lithographs By David Roberts


Pictorial History of the Jewish People

Crown Publishing



Pictorial History of Israel

Jacob A. Rueben, Meyer Barkai

Thomas Yoseloff



The Bible Comes Alive

Clifford & Barbara Wilson

New Leaf Press



My Life

Golda Meir

Steimatzky’s  Agency Ltd



Alexander of Macedon 356-323bc

Peter Green

Univ. of Calif. Publ



Ancient Greece

James L Steffensen

Golden Press



Encyclopedia of Jewish Life and Thought

Dr. Chaim Pearl

Carta Jerusalem




Archaeology and Society in the 21st Century

Museum Book

Yad Vashem


The Practical Archaeologist

Jane McIntosh

Facts on File Publication


Israel 50


L.B.Publicaciones Ltda



World Trade Center The Giants That Defied The Sky

Peter Skinner

White Star S.R.L.





Daniel      Holman Old Testament Commentary

Max Abders & Kenneth O. Gangel

Broadman & Holman Publishers






The Westminister Historical Atlas to the Bible

G.Wright & F Filson

The Wesminster Press

Daily Life at the Time of Jesus

Miriam F Vamosh

Palphot Ltd

Israel Pictorial Guide

Palphot Ltd

The Arab World

Special Issue

Twentieth Anniversary Edition of the Arab League

  John H Walton

Academie Books



John Rogerson

Thames and Hudson

Pictorial History of the Jewish People

Nathan Ausubel

Crown Publishers

And GOD cried

Charles Lawliss

JG Press

Aids to Revelation

Watchman Nee

Christian Fellowship Publishers

Hebert Lockyer

Zondervan Publishing House

Aramco and It’s World

I. Nawwab, P Speers,P Hoye

Arabian American Oil Co

Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Atlas of Bible Lands

Harry T. Frank

Scripture Press

The Biblical Lands

P.R.S. Moorey

Peter Bedrick Books

Daniel, In GOD I Trust


Green Key Books

The Book of Daniel

Rev. Clarence Larkin Publishers
2641 Mt. Carmel Avenue • P.O. Box 334
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038
(215) 576-5590 • FAX (215) 576-537




Loizeaux Brothers


James M Boice


DANIEL        The Key To Prophetic Revelation

Johhn F. Walvoord

Essentials of Bible History

Elmer W. K. Mould

The Ronald Press Co

Every Prophecy of the Bible

John F.Walvoord

Chariot Victor Publishing

Expository Preaching and Teaching Revelation

Owen L. Crouch

College Press Publishing Co

History of Islam Classical Period 1206-1900 c.e.

Adam Publishers & Distributers

Delhi, India

History of Our People in Rabbinic Times

Joseph Halpern

Sharpiro, Valentine and Co

Isaiah  The Glory of Messiah

Alfred Martin & John Martin

Moody Press


Israel  El Esplendor De Tierra Santa

Sarah Kochav

Edizione White Star

Israel  GOD’S Key to World Redemption

Elmer A. Josephson

Bible Light Intl Publications

Israel In The Revelation

Elmer A. Josephson

Bible Light Intl Publications

Israel In Pictorial Maps

Dept. Of Surveys, Ministry of Labour  An Israel Publaction

Lion The Printer

Jerusalem  Rock Of Ages

A. Bernheim & F. Maraini

Harcourt,Brace & World, Inc

Jewish Cooking

Marlena Spieler

Hermes House


The Junior Jewish Encyclopedia

Naomi Ben-Asher & Hayim Leaf

Shengold Publishers Inc

The Layman’s Bible Commentary 25 Volumes

Julia P Love

John Know Press

The Messianic Prophecies of Daniel

Edward J Young

Wm.B. Eerdmans Publishing Co

The Prophecies of Nostradamas

Erika Cheetham

G P Putnam’s Sons

Revelation  An Expository Commentary “GOD’S Last Word” Donald A, Barnhouse

Zondervan Publishing House

Revelation Expounded

Finis J Dake

Dake  Bible  Sales, Inc

The Book of Revlation

Charles M. Laymon

Abingdon Press

A Survey of the New Testament

Robert H. Gundry

Zondervan Publishing House

The Land of Israel

Hilla & Max  Jacoby

Thames and Hudson

The Land of the Bible A Historic Geography

Yohanan Aharoni

The Westminster Press

The Men and The Message of The Old Testament

Peter F. Ellis

The Liturgical Press

These Stones Will Shout

Mark S. Link

Argus Communications

The Time Was Right

George A.E. Salstrand

Broadman Press




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To gather knowledge and understanding is to draw near to God.

This website provides a method of study; a systematic investigation of biblical history.

This web site is dedicated to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

This site is dedicated to changing our approach to the study of Biblical text.

To gather knowledge is to draw near to GOD

The hunger for GOD is the apprehension of GOD                    Sholem Asch 1939

Compelling Evidence

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