At Genesis 1


At Genesis 1; the Bible had been written for Mankind, the ONLY creature formed from dirt, today scientist describe our bodies as made from Star Dust, the ONLY creature the ancient record declares, God Breathed into, made in God’s Image; the ONLY creature with Human Homo Sapien DNA; the final creature not created with spoken words but with the hands of a Loving Father… the ONLY creature capable of Love towards GOD and his neighbor…  the Only creature given Authority and Dominion over the other balance of creatures spoken; including Neanderthal the Kind creature with NO breathe of God; as well as no ability to love his neighbor, sparking Cain to sat the others will kill me; as God agreed and gave him a no assault mark fro identification, in the violent world outside the Garden.

Adam’s lost was designated as ONLY temporal; a Redeemer in the course of time would appear in the history of the Woman’s Seed… the Redemption would return Eternal Sovereign Authority and Dominion to the son of Adam, by the heritage line of Jesse, to the Kingdom of King David.

ISAIAH THE TEXT OF; the Prophets Isaiah and Daniel center around first the Sign of Immanuel Isaiah 7; to us a child is born Isaiah 9-the Seed of the Woman; the Branch of Jesse Isaiah 11; Israelite line of King David, gathered twice; once from Babylon Captivity – 2nd from Destruction of Jerusalem Scattering across the face of the earth; inescapable judgment Eze 14-24; finally in Ezekeil 37 Israel is awakened from Dry Bones… a Cemetary  Valley …the Glory returned to the 2nd Temple… The Lord Is There!   …a Anointed One would come first Daniel 9:25 Prophecy By DANIEL THE PROPHET WHO SENT BY PREDICTED PROPHECY, THE 3 PERSIAN WISEMEN TO ISRAEL TO EXACTLY BETHLEHEM TO HONOR THE PROPHETIC KING OF THE JEWS … a great Trumpet will sound Messiah Return Isaiah 27:12-13, The Suffering and Glory of the Servant Isaiah 52:13 thru 53:12, Isaiah 60, 73rd prophecy in Isaiah-Restoration 64 in progress scripture , Isaiah 61:1-2a Fulfilled, describes Messiah’s first coming …the Lord has Anointed Me, 61:2b …and the Day of Vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn, unfulfilled occurs at 2nd Coming; cross reference with John the Baptist -son of Zechariah Priestly announcement AND Baptism of Jesus of  Nazareth …the declaration in the 1st century as Jesus of  was handed the Book and stood up to read Isaiah 61:1-2a; the Anointed OneDaniel 9:25; and the outline given Daniel by the Arch Angel Gabriel.

DANIEL Daniel’s third Vision the Seventy Years Daniel 9; Daniel’s 4th Vision Israel in th Last Days Daniel 10; the Alexander the Great STORYLINE Daniel 11 and the Identification of the Wicked in the 21st Century… Daniel 12
911, September 11 the BASE, today is comprised of devouring biblical Locust, GLOBAL TERRORIST 2018, to the one day, Armageddon event.

Wicked False Christs, False Prophets, Evil Axis Attackers use the sword…

REVELATION Revelation 13:14, 911 Fire from Heaven Sign, focused the world’s attention on; and forever identified the Wicked of Daniel chapter 12. The Wicked, Anti-Christos, Non-Anointed or Not Anointed found in the text of Revelation 13, the Sea Beast spawns the Earth Beast given authority by the Great Dragon-Sea Beast, The Ancient Serpent called the Devil or Satan in Revelation chapter 12. The Wicked Terrorist, the Earth Beast  are noted in the Books of Daniel and Revelation  seen operating in deceit for their final 1260, 1290, 1335 Days within the Gentile Kingdoms of earth identified in Psalm 83 as enemies of God;  the  Caliphate State Sign the 7th is identical to the 8th, Ottoman Empire#7; Islamic Republic Caliphate State#8.  comprised of those who pay homage to the image or beheaded mankind or slays with the sword, based on Medieval and Current Fatwah-Islamic Law. Alqaeda- the Base, ends only with biblical predicted events; as consecutive numerous prophetic events play out including the fatal Stone-Daniel 2:44-45 made without hands strikes the statutes the Feet and Toes of the final Metal Monarch; the Conquerer Blood stained Garments coming from Bozra ; the Loud Voice & Trumpet Call Matthew 24:31,  at the Day of Armageddon, at Messiah’s 2nd and last return to remain on earth as Isaiah  66 predicts.

We are living in the 7th Week of the closing according to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. Both the Books of Daniel and Revelation provide the minute details of the End of the Age, NOT World. Matthew 24 provides Signs of The End of the Age, as well as, Mark and Luke.

We are witnesses to the closing events THE END OF THE AGE; NOT WORLD, tracked and traced through Gentile monarchy history; as Gabriel’s, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Iron & Clay 634AD | 7 Heads-10 Kings Empire is seen in the Book of Truth. Through Time, Times and 1/2; biblical Metal Monarchs came to power then each monarchy crumbled as described in minute detail by the prophecy of Daniel… Each limb of the prophetic statue struck, consecutively and smashed to pieces becoming chaff blown away by the Wind without leaving a trace!

Gabriel’s Bible Daniel Truth: the text states End Times Monarchies start with King Neduchadnezzar’s  BABYLON | MEDIA PERSIAN EMPIRES | GRECIAN EMPIRE | ROMAN EMPIRE | BYZANTINE EMPIRE | MOHAMMEDAN EMPIRE | RASHDIN CALIPHATE DYNASTIES-4 Caliphate |OTTOMAN EMPIRE | ISLAMIC REPUBLIC CALIPHATE STATE, founded in 1979 by the Ayatollah KHOLMEINI by overthrow of the Shah of Iran, the Silver Persian Empire; these successive empires have reigned, according to Bible reference, over earth since 606BC; lasts only until the Time of the Gentile Kingdoms is fulfilled.

Psalm 83 identifies the participants by birth nations, enabling the tracing and tracking of the final Gentile Monarchy; the Bible Calls the seventh empire, the same as the 8th. The 7th is the Ottoman Empire Caliphate; the 8th is the Islamic Republic Caliphate State, the same as the Ottoman Empire Caliphate. This final prophetic state are the Ten Kingdoms, Seven heads, Feet and Toes of the Dream vision Metal Statue of King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2. The smashing of the Toes is the, End of the Age – Armageddon Return of Messiah crushing the head of the Serpent’s Seed of Genesis 3:15.

As the Seventh angel sounded his Trumpet, and there were loud voices in Heaven, which said: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord-God and of his Anointed-Messiah-Son, and He will reign forever and ever. Only then will the course of Human History turn into Eternity on Earth…  

We live time of Daniel 12 …where the Wicked will never understand, as well as, the time of  Revelation 11 through 14, from the 16th through the 21st century of Guttenburg Printer, Bible Productions & Distribution, Global Missionary work, Revivals… Dead Sea Scrolls Commentary and Reface Woks discovery 1947, the 1948 regained nationhood of the State of Israel. ALL PROPHECY FULFILLED; AS MORE PROPHECIES  ARE UNRAVELED