Al La Carte Hebrew Bible Histroiography

The Hebrew Bible calls it; Tohu-Va-Vohu, without form and void; the Heavens and the Earth created by the vibrations of words, atoms vibrate, expanding to this day; science allows us to see through intelligent research; what the Bible described in words from In the Beginning. Universe , Earth, Human Homo Sapien Man
Bible Historiography Investigation of Bible Text.
Cambrian Period | Ordovician Period | Silurian Period | Devonian Period |Carboniferous Period | Permian Period.
Anti Diluvian Super Continents; Pangaea: Laurasia and Gondwana Earth, Cambrian explosion 542 million years ago captures the transformation, 510 million and 200 million years ago, 65 million Year ago Mass Extinction, Biblical TRILOBITE Fossil evidence; The Trilobite, 5th Day, Genesis 1:20.

Today we live on the Diluvian result of the immense break up of Pangea; through explosions, earthquakes, continental drift, etc. forming present day 7 Continents; the Bible tells us continent movement structure ended at the time of Biblical Peleg, son of Eber, Genesis 10:25.
Adam to Peleg & Noah Family Patriarchs walked on Anti-Diluvian Pangea Earth and Noah & Family walked on both… Pangea and 7 Continent Earth
Discovery of original Hebrew Bible in Israel, at Qumran Caves; the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, in 1947 led to 1967 proper translation of first century Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and preservation, mostly in the hands of the Israel Antiquities Authority, exhibited at Shrine of the Book Museum, this single discovery in more then 11 Caves has fulfilled multiple prophecies by as Daniel stated knowledge of God will increase… and returned 1st century Hebrew understanding of Scrolls text to original daily use biiblical words, content and context.

After The Flood, Diluvian Earth | Neanderthal Ended, new findings suggest that Neanderthals disappeared from Europe between about 41,000 and 39,000 years ago. The current 70 Homo Sapien , Breathe of God, DNA Nations of Earth birthed from Noah’s sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth have re-populated the Earth. The Tower of Babel Language dispersal punishment changed Earth from 1 language to multi language nations on earth; confusion punishment did not, included Hebrew language. The language of Hebrew was provided later at Abraham’s time to provide clear content and context of the Authors Book in His created language for that purpose, through the Hebrew Prophets, to the many nations of Abraham’s Promise. Hebrew is God Created Language not used until 14 generations from Adam; at the time of Abraham & Sarah.

The ancient record notes Japheth tribe moved to the North=Europe; Ham to the South=Africa and Shem to the East=Middle East. Chronologic Bible lineage history genealogy starts with Seth the 3rd son of Adam and Eve, Genesis 4:25. There was NO time inside the Garden, therefore no valid age can be placed except for Seth, through chronologic geneology like that of Ussher; it is Seth’s age NOT Adams. The thinly veiled record after Able’s death where Cain and God speak about the tragedy murder of a brother and about “others outside the Garden that will kill Cain, the others were the “Kind” No Breathe Homo-Creatures, and Neanderthals, etc. who had the ability to identify the “MARK” placed on Cain in Genesis 4:15-16. Cain’s lineage died 7 generations later at time of the first Prophet Enoch, 7th generation from Adam, son of Jared. Genesis 5:18. Noah 10th generation from Adam; Abram|Abraham 14th generation from Adam.

Abram | Covenant Promise Genesis 15:12-21 ALL LAND of Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hitties, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, and Jebusites: from the Nile to the Euphrates-Genesis 15:18
…given to Abram|Abraham, cross reference Ezekiel 47:13 to 48:29, future. Abram to Abraham Covenant of Circumcision Name Change Genesis 17… Ishmael, Abrahamic Covenant of Circumcision as Seed of Abraham intended under Covenant of 12 Princes a Great Nation, Twelve Rulers, Great Blessings over Ishmael’s Lineage,
Genesis 17:18-27. Isaac Covenant Everlasting for descendants, Genesis 17:1-16. Genesis 26 account of Esua; Genesis 36 …thus dwelt Esua in Mt. Seir: Esua is Edom. Jacob Covenant Genesis 28.  Joseph Chapters 39-49; JACOB DIES Genesis 50 Egypt Redeemer JOSEPH DIES  Genesis 50: 22-26 …So Ends The Book Of Genesis.Content With A Purpose | EDUCATE Yourself